Application des Périphériques d'Automation

Since its creation in 1991, APA has specialized in the automatic distribution and orientation of parts using high-speed vibratory bowls.

Our major asset: All our bowls are manufactured in our own workshops, guaranteeing total control over the feeding of our distribution units and automatic machines. We're your one-stop shop.

Polyamide bowl

Bowls suitable for high-speed dispensing, for all sectors of activity:

  • Automotive
  • Electrical equipment and connectors
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Veterinary products 
  • Cosmetics 

Special coating for improved part protection, noise reduction and increased throughput.

Steel / stainless steel bowl


Particularly suitable for pharmaceutical and veterinary use

STAINLESS STEEL BOWL WITH AUTOCLAVE ELECTRO-POLISHING These bowls make it possible to change tanks and rails without tools, and without contact with sterilized parts.

Centrifugal and rotating bowl

Suitable for very high speeds.

Blade dispenser

The blade dispenser can feed various types of very fragile or long products.

These systems deliver high output rates.

Hoppers / Conveyor belts

Vibratory hopper - Half-round: for better extraction of parts from the hopper.

Belt hopper: avoids mixing of parts.